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All work are the original work of the author, me, feel free to read but do not take my shit and represent it as yours. That being said, enjoy Rick's New www beeg com Life His body beag.com rose from beneath the ocean water looking like a god of cocoa perfection. He shook his head, spraying water in every direction. His eyes opened, scanned the beeg lesbian beach, and spotted me. A smile, lopsided and breathtaking, www.beeg com spread across his face. As he came towards me the beeg mature curled pouch hanging from his tight trunks tube beeg beefed itself up, I had a similar reaction happening in my baggy trunks. He plopped down right in front of me, legs spread across beegporn either side of the lawn chair we brought with us. He leaned back onto his arms, flexing his abs and beeg free chuckling when heat beeg porn videos floods my cheeks. He was beeg .com mesmerizing, a beeg mp4 fantasy brought to life, and he was mine. The mere thought made me shiver, even though the sun was unbearable. He ran his hand down the side of my face. He always said he loved making me blush. "Aye Lil Red." His voiced vibrated like an instrument, like his beeg sex video voice box was made of beeg 4k violins and flutes. "Hi Blue." beegporn I answered, wondering in the beeg jepang back of my mind why he insisted on these nicknames. "Why you ain't in the water?" He asked, openly readjusting the still half hard package and not caring that EVERYBODY on the beeg vids beach could see us sitting there... together. "I don't have any sunscreen." I said and thrusted my thumb towards the large umbrella I was using to hide from the sun. "What? Sunscreen?" He beeg.c asked like we were talking about xxx beeg calculus or something. "My skin'll get sunburned if beeg ass I'm in the sun too long." I told him. "White people." He said, shaking his head but smiling at his joke. "Black people." I scoffed, not backing down. I watched his face twist around a grin, he was trying to frown. Without warning he looked deep into my eyes. www.beeg.com I knew that look. It was a look that meant he needed my body, my skin against his and his lips against mine. We scooted towards each other at the same time, his white teeth biting his bottom lip and me sliding my legs over his. Looking down at the contrast I beegxxx was a little put off. The whole day I had been constantly beeg hd reminded about the differences beeg sexxn between "us" and "them". Seeing my almost pink, begg fuzzy, thin legs laying across the muscular, hairless, dark thighs reminded me about who invited us to the beach and why. The moment beeg hot he leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine I forgot what I beeg tube beeg milf was thinking about. He pulled away too soon, just a cute peck. I knew why, I knew he was being polite since we were on a family beach. I didn't care. I pushed myself beeg indian further into his lap and slid my beeh hands around his neck. His hands slid to my back, his tongue into my mouth and for a moment there was only his body, the cool air and the sound of the ocean and laughter. Then she decided to join us. "Aye! If it ain't my favorite white boy." Latrina said as she slapped beeg xnxx my bare back. It beeq.com wasn't hard to tell that she didn't like beegxxx me, not for me, but Brian (I beeg sexxx hated calling him Blue) couldn't tell. His mouth pulled down in the corners as my shoulders slumped. Suddenly his arms were tighter and his lips were at my neck. "Go away." He told her and I couldn't help grinning like an idiot. "Nigga I need you help put up a net mutha fucka, then you can get sex beeg back to yo lil skinny, pale ass, red headed white boy." She snapped, going from 8 to 80 instantly. "Don't talk beeg mature to him like that." Brian said but it was obvious he thought her attitude was cute, funny even. He didn't notice the way her words stung me because she demanded his full attention and he gave it to her without a fight or second thought. It beeg-com made me feel neglected, abandoned even. I watched as Latrina tried to get my boyfriend to take an interest in her friend. The guy, honestly, was all wrong for my Brian. It wasn't his tall, muscular, gorgeous body that made him wrong. It wasn't his athleticism or that macho thing he does with his chest muscles. It was his personality. He was an asshole and Brian was a gentle giant. No match, Brian's favorite saying has always been, "I'm allergic to drama." and he meant it. We'd only been at the beach for an hour and the boy, Keith, had already gotten into a fight, vandalized someone's car and gotten in trouble with the lifeguards. Keith was obviously trying hard to get Brian's attention. Latrina made sure Keith and Brian were putting up the net together while the rest of the all black crew beeg sexxn she put together, purely to demoralize me, shouts and laughs and makes a beeg beeg com. general racket. I was put off by that. I wasn't sure what to do. A group of Latrina's friends made sure to make nice, sitting all across my chair and trying to distract me from my baby. As I sat there answering asinine questions Keith was on his beeg com. knees smiling in Brian's face as they did beegcom something with the pole. Brian, in classic Brian fashion, didn't realize Keith was flirting with him. After a few minutes of being successfully stalled Keith put beeg xvideos his hand on beeg hairy the small of Brian's back and, regardless of beeg black me knowing Brian wouldn't fuck the boy even if he was free beeg indian to do so, I let Latrina's friends have my chair and rose up to get my https //beeg.com ass kicked. I wasn't delusional enough to think I could win against someone as big and strong as beeg .com Keith but I knew I could hurt him enough to get my point across. As soon as I got up the fat one grabbed my arm and pulled. I, not expecting beeg xx any physical resistance, www.beeg com fell back into the xxxbeeg chair. "Aww C'mon beeg xvideos Ricky." She said, taking a deep breath before and after hd beeg each word, probably breathing around the excess fat pressing against her esophagus, "It's rude to just walk www beeg.com off while people is talkin to you." I gave her a look, "I said excuse me." I said and tried to get up again. I was instantly being touched by all beeg.con four girls sitting xnxx beeg on my chair and I wanted to call for Brian but I couldn't cause it would make me look more like the bitch in the relationship than I already do. I tried explaining. I beeg video tried pulling my limbs away. I even beeg come tried tricking them. Nothing worked. I was just about to give up when beeg poto Brian came and, with one word, made them disperse. "Finished." Is all he said and they all got up and gave random excuses for leaving and said bye like they hadn't been keeping me hostage. He looked down into my eyes and I didn't hide it quick enough. "What's wrong?" He asked and tried to porn beeg compose my xxxbeeg face, take the hurt out of my eyes, before I answered him. "Nothing." I lied and he just leaned forward, keeping his eyes beeg massage on mine. "Alright." He said as he pulled me up out my chair and started folding it up. "An where you think you goin?" Latrina asked, beeg 18 jerking her head with every syllable. "We goin back home, chill fuh a bit fo I gotta work." He said like it was obvious. "But I need you tuh stay!" Latrina wined, stomping in the sand. "You got beegxx Keith." Brian said, still packing our things, "He can do anything you might need me fo so be chill and I'll get back atchu." He put one hand on her cheek and her shoulders fell as he kissed the other cheek. --- I felt like crap. Despite the fact that beeg videos I had been on my best behavior my mere presence was the issue, like by being with Brian I was committing a crime. That and the fact that Brian's porn beeg family hated me even though they, unlike my family, free porn beeg didn't beeg hot mind having gay people in beeg.com the family. I was mad about it, I was sad about it and I wanted to beeg beeg scream. I wasn't up for much conversation on the drive home. After a while Brian turned up the music, some rapper called Tech N9ne, and let me sit back as the rap music blared out the trunk. When we got to the complex a lot of people beeg/ commented on Brian's new "Low-rider" bee which, I'd recently learned, was slang for the type of car we were sitting in. When we got porn beeg to the apartment, our apartment, we got the bags and headed to the elevator. When we got in www beeg our home the first thing he did was go into the kitchen and put something in the microwave. I headed into the room. I was alone just long enough to fall into the bed and close my beeg.com/ eyes. I wanted them to like me but everybody in Brian's family www.beeg..com liked Keith or his beeg gesetz ex, Pierre. I was constantly being compared to tall, black, beautiful men that didn't watch beeg videos hockey and family accepted them. I felt like every little comment, every disappointed glance was a punch in the gut. I looked good though. I wasn't big or anything but beeg xxx I had all the girls and guys after me when mom beeg I was in high beeg sex school and, besides, Brian liked the way I looked. He loved my blue eyes and short cut red hair, beeg hairy he was sliding his hands across my head and staring at me, making me blush and making me hot. Then Brian came in and dumped our stuff onto the floor. I felt him hovering tube beeg over me before the weight www.beeg.com of beag.com his elbow pushed the wwwbeeg bed down in front of me. He rubbed my back and called my name softly. I didn't answer, I was beyond tired and beeg.c I knew he'd understand. The cover was pulled over me and his lips, big and soft, kissed my cheek. Then I heard his speed dial activating. Latrina's voice was so loud I heard it through the ear piece. "I don't wanna hear all that." More Latrina. I couldn't make out the words but her voice came through clear. Brian`s whispers were agitated, "Then don't fuckin invite me next mutha fuckin beeg coom time... no... no it ain't about that... Naw! Not only did beeq.com you have yo funky ass friend tryna get wit me but you did that bitch shit in front of my man... bitch he more man that that bitch nigga you had putting his ass in my mutha fuckin face... no... yeah..." porno beeg beeg movies Then his tone broke, "Don't cry Latrina... naw it ain't okay but calm down..." His voice became soothing and I knew that bitch was beegxx faking, "C'mon Luv... alright but don't have that nigga tryna bump my baby... I LOVE him Latrina, regardless of if he some white boy... you're bein racists... ain't no such thing as reverse-racism... look chill alright? Have fun out there, this is L.A, take Keith to a beeg beeg club or somethin... naw, he ain't my type... yeah he cute but he beeg hot wrong for me luv... yeah, alright... love you too... bye." As he beeg-com hung up I opened my eyes and he crouched back down, eyes already on me like he was about to watch me sleep. "Did I wake you?" He asked, voice soft, soothing and worried. "Not really." I beeg video said and he kissed me, softly moving his lips against mine. The scent of salt water beeg tube and a slight musk washed over me. It didn't take much for beeg..com my heart to speed up, pound in beeh my ears and burn my cheeks. He pulled back and climbed across me onto his side of the bed. "You still blush." He says, a soft finger gliding down my face as he held me while propped up on his shoulder. "Well..." I couldn't help it. How could I not be constantly enamored by his voice, his lips, his beeg movies strong arms and the gentle spirit he says the hood tried to beat out beeg jepang of him? He rubbed my face, another quick kiss caused my pulse to quicken. "You wanna talk about it?" He asked in that smooth, delicious voice as his candy scented breath broke across my face. I shook my head, he reached up under my shirt. "You sure?" He asked, rubbing my stomach. I nodded. I was www.beeg..com sure but I did want to talk and he knew it so he beeg gesetz stayed where he was, his chocolate eyes staring deep into my беег soul until I found my voice. "So..." I wanted to be cool, suave and sexy like he was but I was awkward and turning red all over. I'd known for a while that I was in love, I'd felt it from the moment he asked me to move in sex beeg with beeg tubes him after my parent's kicked me out for being gay. He was always my knight in shinning armor, the yang to my беег yin, with the way we fit together it was difficult to remember how different our worlds were. Yet neither one of us had said those three words, those words that I was afraid would beeg coom cause him to leave or worse, stay out of guilt. "I love you." He said and I shuddered, "That beeg massage what you wanna talk about?" I nodded, he smiled, "There's nothing to talk about." His lips massaged mine as beeg hd he kneed his way between my legs, "My love." The whispered word was one of unconcealed passion, and insatiable lust. His lips went to my neck where he suckled my Adam's Apple. I gasped. He went down, pulling my shirt up and off me. His hands rubbed my cock beeg tubes through my trunks, making me spread my legs and mom beeg letting him secure his position between them. He went further beeg xxx down, sucking in my left nipple and playing with my right. I couldn't stand it, beeg.coom I wanted him beeg moms in me. anal beeg The foreplay was always torture. He was too good at teasing and making me cum on myself without ever touching anything you normally have to touch to make a grown man cum. I writhed under him as he got to my naval. Then he straightened up and rolled his hips against me. The thick, long beeg mp4 and gorgeous cock all stiff and leaking in his pants rubbed against my less impressive, just as hard cock as he ground against me, cocoa eyes staring down at me with begg a familiar, amused expression. I was almost delirious. I wanted him to stop playing beeg porn with me because I needed beeg sexxx him inside me, deep inside me to the itch that only he could scratch. His hips swirled as his face hovered inches from mine. I reached beeg anal up and he grinned beeg x as I smashed my lips against his, snaking my tongue into his mouth. He used his strength, the power beeg. com in his perfect body to smash me into the bed. I groaned against his lips as he shoved our site beeg.com beeg tongues into my mouth. He straightened up and I was already breathing hard. He took my trunks by the waistband and pulled, letting the pink head of my cock flop out and hit my beeg xx belly. I wanted him out of his clothes but I knew better than to fight it. Sex with Brian was an adventure to the heights beeg porn videos of beeg anal ecstasy and the very edge of what your body could take. He pushed my legs into the air and smiled up at me. He bit beeg x my inner thigh and I screamed. He suckled the spot and planted wet kiss next to wet kiss towards my ass. Then all I could see was my wiry, red pubic hair, my pink dick and the black hair beeg hindi on top of his head as he dove into me. I roared as his tongue sent fire through me, caressed my soul and electrocuted my already leaking cock. He sucked, popped teen beeg and beeg x swirled his tongue against my ass. I cringed, jerked and groaned in uncontrollable ecstasy. I tried to grab my cock so I could climax but he swatted my hand away. Then, after I tried again, he grabbed my hands and pulled, yanking my teen beeg asshole harder against his beeg/ lips as his neck strained forward and his tongue drove into me. My toes curled into fists, my hands clawed beeg ass at the sheets but I was only dimly aware of this because beeg vids he had just tickled my spot beeg milf with that long tongue and my dick was about to hose the ceiling down. He felt me beegxxx about to cum and shook his face against me, pulling my arms and crushing his face into my asshole. "AAAAAAAHHHGHHGGGGGGGGFFFFFFFFFFFF" I screamed as my cock erupted, an explosion of sensation crashing through me with titanic force. I felt the hot wet falling back onto me, hitting my face and lips and ear and arms and chest. I looked beeg sex video down at my poor cock and watched him rub my jizz out of beeg..com his hair. Then he was above me. He tore my hands from the sheets and forced them www.beeg above my head, sliding them into one strong hand. I struggled to get out of his grip, knowing that if I did he would reward me free porn beeg by letting me ride, the way he always did beeg.coom whenever www beeg.com I managed to turn his dominance into mine. My legs were lifted into the air, above his shoulders. "Pleeeeeaaasss." I begged beegs as he looked down at me. His anal beeg lips smashed into anal beeg mine bee and slid down to my throat where he said, "Of course." As he pushed into me he let go of my hands. I'd lost or I'd won... It didn't matter. He was in me and, as he sucked my cum off my face and ear, he rolled his hips. I screamed, the loud sound of tube beeg my voice drilling through the apartment complex. My beeg video toes curled above him as his huge cocked snaked its indian beeg way in and out of beeg ass beeg mom me. "You like that dick?" He asked and I couldn't help smashing my lips against his in www.beeg an obvious yes. Then we heard pounding on the wall, our neighbor in 2B telling us to keep it down. Brian's chest collapsed into beeg. com mine, his beeg vids hand reaching up to cover my mouth as his head beeg. slid to suckle my ear. He did this slow, soul wrenching strokes that made me beeg sex groan against wwwbeeg his hand. "Ready?" He asked and I nodded so hard his hand it made me dizzy, well... more dizzy. He wanted to go "balls deep". There were days I couldn't take it, days where if he did it beeg lesbian hurt more than it felt good. That day wasn't one. He sunk slow, me cringing and every muscle in my body beeg.com/ tensing around the invading sex organ. I gasped and reached around to grab two handfuls of his big brown ass and pull him into me till he was deep enough to grind and churn my insides. I yelled so free beeg loud my voice broke. His hand plugged my mouth again and I was thankful because it would let me scream as loud as I wanted. So I screamed, I growled, I wined, I groaned. He sucked a spot on my shoulder, his beeg free huge cock still digging into me and stirring my guts, then bit down. He kept it up, a constant barrage of https //beeg.com pleasure bringing me back to the edge. Then I felt it, the sudden loss of focus as his cock went from sawing its length in and out of me to rocketing into me so beeg com hard the headboard clapped against the wall. His hands went from keeping me restrained to forcing me into him harder. Then, as xxx beeg his voice erupted all around me, the gooey warmth spread inside me. He kept going, each thrust less forceful than the last till he just thrust forward and held, going cross eyed as he emptied into me. He collapsed on top of me, tired beeg 4k but still kissing my face with that fevered affection. Then he laid his head against my chest, wrapped his arms around me and sighed softly. As I watched as my bronze sex god's body went limp I whispered, "I love you too Brian." before setting the clock for 5PM, which was when he'd have to get up and get ready for work. He kissed my chest and tightened his smooth, cocoa arms around me. The moment he was sleep I got out of bed, gently pushing him aside to put on some shorts and go answer the beating on our door. Mr. Sanders, the tenant who'd pounded on www.beeg..com his www.beeg com wall, looked at me like I surprised him. "You're still here?" The beeg .com old, white man asked, "I thought I told you fags beeg. to keep it down." he barked. "I thought I told your senile, old ass to get a fucking life." I snapped. "The last dick warmer he had was quieter and black." He spat. "Go to a shelter and die already." I said as I pushed the door closed beeg porn but he caught it. "You little shi-" He stopped, eyes porno beeg going huge as he looked past me. I turned around and standing there with half hard dick swinging between his thighs porno beeg and his entire body glistening with sweat beeg. com was Brian. Mr. Sanders made a disgusted face and I shut the door, beeg.con successfully this time. "Aye baby." Brian said as he framed my face beeg beeg and kissed me soft and tender. "Did I wake you?" I asked as my heart went milf beeg pitter pat pitter pat. "A little." was all he said as he opened the door and called Mr. beeg indian Sanders back over, the old bastard was waddling his way back towards his apartment. Mr. Sanders was more rude to Brian but Brian was patient and apologized for my being so loud. Then he said something about the weather and they laughed. Don't get me wrong, Mr. Sanders was a crotchety beeg.coom old man who called us "the fags" even when he was inviting us over for a poker game but Brian didn't hate him the way I did. When they were done talking Mr. Sanders said something about us fags and Brian told him to make .beeg sure he didn't shit his pants on the way back to his apartment. This was after he had agreed to go to Mr. beeg teen beeg jepang Sander's beeg mom granddaughter's play. "Oh... Mr. S?" Brian called. "Hmmm..." Mr. Sanders said. "Be a little nicer to Rick here beegxx okay? He ain't used to the whole aggressive thing .beeg aight?" "Oh..." He said, turning to me with a smile that made him look less like a crotchety old man and more like my grandfather, "Sorry young man... That better fag?" The look on my face was like what-the-fuck. Brian found all this funny as hell. After he shut the door I shook my head at him and he shrugged, pecking me on the cheek and heading into the kitchen to fix lunch. "You work tomorrow?" He asked as I went to watch him pull out some hamburger meat, his naked flesh hypnotic with every beeg teen movement. "N-no." I said as he bends over, showing wwwbeeg off the curly beag.com insides of his beeg xxx ass crack as he reaches for something in the bottom of the refrigerator. "Good cause I wanna take you beeg porche out." He said like beeg hindi it was obvious. "Where we going?" I asked, Dates with Brian were the best and I needed to know because begg it was beeg 18 my turn to pay. He'd try to pay but I wouldn't let him distract me. "Cheesecake Factory." He said and beeg sexxx put a bunch of stuff into a deep skillet and turned the fire up. My eyes traveled south to beeg hairy the soft, beeg . indian beeg still slick cock running parallel with www beeg his thigh, beeg.com "Can you grab me some shorts out the room? I'd like www beeg com yo attention to be on me beeg porche and not my dick for beeg poto the b eeg next few minutes milf beeg aight?" I couldn't help the heat spilling into my cheeks as he told me I was caught. "Well... okay." Was all I could say as I went into the room to get his boxers. Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 11:23:48 -0700 (PDT) From: Dagor Dragontooth Subject: Ecstasy hd beeg in Suburbia Chapter Three Ecstasy in Suburbia Chapter Three Experiments in the Strong and Beautiful (m/m, m/f) The content in this story features intercourse between two men, and a man and a woman. You've been warned, and you don't need me to www.beeg tell you the laws of your state and morality and what not. Hello again, and welcome to another part of this story. In my previous two installments, you saw my rather interesting encounters, discovering that sex is equally enjoyable, no matter the form it takes. As of now, xxxbeeg my hostel business was getting off to beeg. a slow start. I had a few beegcom rooms left, but only one was occupied. The good thing was that beeg tubes the two occupants were already willing players in bee a videotape recording of every naughty activity going on in the house. It had taken them beegs a bit of coaxing (I beeg porn videos had been the first beegs man inside Cindy, the blonde, and Flor, who was helping with the cleaning, was the first woman to have her pussy licked by Cindy). What I did not know, was that I would soon find the answer to my problems. It began one night, a few days after my dashing encounter with Cindy and Flor. I beeg free had just gotten off from the shower, and was getting ready to go to bed, in my ever so comfortable king-size bed upstairs, when the bell rang. I walked downstairs and opened beeg come the door. It was Marco. Now, xnxx beeg I love women, but Marco was handsome, beeg porn too. His body was that of a Greek god, well-toned and sensual. "Hey Alex. I got a pair of favors to ask, mind if I come on in?" free beeg I led him to the room, where my computer was, and beeg porche we began talking about the business. "Well, I got a friend from Athens coming to visit, but Liza's away and I'd offer him a place at my home, but I think he'll be beeg..com better off in the hostel. Here's a picture, I'll be right back." He typed in a website, beeg 4k and then retreated to the bathroom. The site revealed a attractive young man. Slim, but fit. He beeeg had fair white skin and short hair (which contrasted with Marco's beeg moms bronze beeg gesetz skin and long hair). "Like what you beeg . see?" I looked up, and there was Marco, in his birthday suit, erect cock beeg milf dangling in front of me. "Which part?" I stood up and walked over beeg xx to him, and I stripped quickly. I beeg porno stood on tiptoes and kissed him, our tongues wrestling. Then I knelt down and stuck out b eeg my tongue, licking the tip of his cock, followed by licking around it and licking his balls. Then I engulfed the entire thing, beeeg and began sucking on it. It thrust in and out of my mouth, and within a minute he beeg xvideos had burst his seed on me. I swallowed the gooey liquid and then stood up. Smiling, he took me to the bed and laid me down on it, stomach down. "Now wait just one minute." He stood up, and came back. The next thing I felt was my buttcheeks being beeg hd rubbed and lathered with a cool lotion. And then he stuck two fingers up my ass, spreading the lotion inside. "Ready for this?" Without waiting for an answer, he rammed his eight-incher inside me. I let out a yelp, as the sensation stung, but after a couple of thrusts, it began to ease into a sense of comfort. It was a strange feeling, feeling very submissive yet manly, dominated by a titan. I felt like the youth Ganymede beeg.c being taken by Zeus. He rode me for a while, and then sent his sperm flying up my ass. "Oh God, that feels good." I said as he pulled out, then he turned me over, and www.beeg.com lubed me up some more. He raised my feet, his hands on beeg com. my talons, in the air and held my ankles with his hands as he penetrated me again. I couldn't stand it anymore, I beeg began to jack off furiously, as he went in and out of my ass. "Oh yes, fuck me, master, fuck me!" I groaned, and ejaculated into my chest, just as he did the same. He pulled .beeg out, and I placed my feet in his chest, my toes playing with it and trailing down. "Want to try it?" He asked, with a gleam in his eyes, and my cock hardened a